9 top things to do in Halkidiki (Kassandra, Sithonia and Thessaloniki) activities

2018 Top activities in Halkidiki: Kassandra, Sithonia and Peninsula of Mount Saint–Athos

  • Open Popular Market- Open Food and Flee Market

Its a “must” to visit these colorful markets having the opportunity to taste some of the delicious local product as the honey, Olives, a very big white and yellow cheeses variation specially goat cheese,fresh fruits and vegetables. Also you can find Greek local products as: Propolis, Saint-Johns herbs cream for the skin and oil ( red for skin when its has trauma ) or as oil for the stomach. Product from the Bees :cream for the skin and a very special pulp from the Queen- bee used for flu, to power the ameune system.

In he part of flee market a colorful bazzar you enjoy yourself looking some nice clothes,sandals, scarfs,bags, accessories to wear it, home-items even beatch tower or “pareo”.

The weekly program is:

  • Monday:
    Halkidiki’s main land: Nea Triglia village.
    Kassandra: Nea Fokia village.
    Sithonia: Ormilia village.
  • Tuesday:
    Halkidiki’s main land: Nea Kallikrateia village.
    Kassandra:Kassandreia village.
    Third leg: Ierissos village.
  • Wednesday:
    Nea Moudania town.
    Third leg: Arnaia and Megali ( Great) Panagia villages.
  • Thursday:
    Halkidiki’s main land:Lakoma village.
    Sithonia: Neos Marmaras and Agios Nikolaos villages.
  • Friday:
    Halkidiki’s main land: Nea Simantra village.
    Sithonia: Nikiti vilage.
  • Saturday:
    Sithonia: Sykia village.
    North main land: Polygyros town,Palaiochora and Riza villages.

For all open populars markets has the same service hour: from 07.30 a.m until 15.30 p.m

Ceremonies, Traditions Festivals and fest, Music and Theatre Festivals, Navy Festival.

Accesible Monasteries in the main land, Kassandra and Sithonia (outside Mount Athos avaton)

They are many Monasteries in both three legs exept the Holy Monasteries Community of Saint-Athos wich you can visit as pilgrimage. Women can also visit them (with proper clothes):

  • Saint-Jonh Prodromos Holy Monastery tel+30 23750 61106, Metamorphosis village, Sithonia.
  • Metohi Of Hiliandariou Holy Monastery ( Metohi means a small church with gardens of plants, frute, vegetables, flowers, land cultrivation witch belong as land and by law to the Hiliandariou H.Monastery) is in Ierissos area in the east side of the Halkidiki’s third leg, tel + 30 23770 22440, allowed also to womens.
  • Holy Pilgrimage Great Panagias ( Panagia is the Greek mane of Holy Mother Mary) at the village Great Panagias in also east side of third leg, tel + 30 23720 31262, which open to make weddings, bapthisies.
  • Holy Community ‘’Eyaggelismos Theotokou,Metoxi of Vatopedi Holy Monastery, in Vatopedi village, Sithonia, tel +23710 41022.
  • Saint- Paul Holy Monastery in Ierissos vilage, east-side of third leg, tel+30 2377023741.
  • Osios Arsenios from Kapadokia Holy Monastery in the area of Vatopedi village,Sithonia, tel+ 30 23710 41880 also open to womens.
  • Osios Grigorios Holy Monastery, in Ierissos, open to womens, tel+ 30 23770 23218.
  • Osios Ioannis From Rusia, Holy Monastery in Pefkochori- Saint Paraskevi village, Kassandra, tel + 3023740 61656.
  • Evaggelismos of Theotokos Holy Monastery which is Metohi of Holy Simonos Petras Holy Monastery of Saint- Athos, in the area of Ormilia village, tel +23710 41278.
  • Metohi of Osios- Grigorios, belongs to equevelant Holy Monastery of Saint- Athos Community, is in Neos Marmaras, Sithonia tel +30 23750 71714, open to womens.

Great Greek Orthodox ceremonies during the Spring and Summer time are:

  • On 23 of April the ceremony of Saint-George with big fest.
  • On 27 of May the great ceremony of ‘’Pentikosti’’ Pentecoast, the bless of Holy Spirit to the Apostles as missionars while giving them the charisma to speak foreigner languages and become ably to speak about Jesus Chris in all over the world.ameune
  • On 28 of May the great holy fest of the Holy Spirit,the three status of God-which appears to the Apostles as Flames after 50 days of resurrection og Jesus and 10 days after his ascension.
  • A big Fest open to all people and tourism is the ceremony in the name of Saint-Paraskevi on 26 of July, in Saint-Paraskevi village, Kassandra.
  • But the most greater of all fest and ceremonies is on 15 of August, ‘’Panagias Holy Ceremony’’ meaning the holy asleep (death) of Holy Mary. After the ceremony in church start the fest with music food dances! It’s an open fest that local people celebrate with tourists.

Traditional Festival and Fair Trade in Halkidiki

  • Sardine Festival at Nea Moudania
    Start at the first days of July till the top of the fest in the 16 of July,organize by the Cultural Club of the town. They take part in two places: in the ampitheatre of N.Moudania and at the center fountain square. Tradition music and dances,Modern Greek music, Theatre. Many traditional small plate, pies and food.
  • Balkan Folk Festival at Neos Marmaras.
    During the days of Pedicoast and Holy Spirit- 26 of May till 30- ceremonies the Cultural Club of the village of Neos Marmaras organise a fest with dances, music and chorus from all the balkans countries,also from Rusia and Turkey, all the geographical Greek neighborhoods and also religious connected.
  • Traditional Fair Trade in Agios Mamas (Saint-Mamas)
    From the 1of September and for a hole first week of this month , from the morning until very late in the nights this trade fair gathering merchants and consumer from all area, not only the locals but from all of Macedonia and of courses and many foreigner as visitors. First written text who confirm the existence of Agios -Mamas trade fair comes from 1870, while depict and cover the needs of the local people for goods, for socialization, for meeting, even for motive for good match -making and weddings. The trade offers a huge variety of products .From garment shoes bags, from all of items that a house need,small and biger furnitures, for agricultural and farming machines and tools,for fishing equipment, to horses, sheeps, birds, chickens and rousters, seeds, flowers, plants and trees. At the night music dance with food and wine offers joy and smiles to the visitors.

Music and Theater Festival

  • Sani Festival.
    In 2017 the Sani Festival complete 25 years with many succeful performances and presentations with a specific and clear artistic indentity focusing and offering quality, aesthetics and the presentation of the very best of artist from the fields of the music, theater,dance art.
    The thematical sections are:

    • Jazz on the hill,
    • Classical waves,
    • International sounds,
    • Music for cinema,
    • Greek Variation,
    • Theatrical performances.
    • Visual project.
      If you are interesting about the program for Summer 2018 visit the web-site : www.sanifestival.gr
  • Kassandra Festival at Siviri.
    Inside an astonishment environment in the Siviri’s ampitheatre near to Siviri village and from 15 0f July till 25 of August this Festival promote the Greek Artists : theatrical groups, music groups, singers,orchestras and compositors. If you are interest for 2018 summer time program you can visit the web-site: Kassandrafestival.gr

Festival North Aegean Regata

The Reraga is an interrnational event and counts for the Greek Sailing Legue. A sailing festival which gathers sailing boats a lot of Greek competitors as well as from a lot of other countries such as sailing crow from ( Alphabetical ): Belgium, Croatia, France, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey. All because the natural beauty that area offers, the nice weather, the diversity of the winds,the love for sailing !The Regata start from the Neos Marmaras village and the marine of Porto Carras five star resort and ends in different island every time.

Water Sports Fun, and many others Sports Activities.

  • Go Sailing!
    Toroneos Gulf is a very easy sea to familiarization with sailing. Hire A yacht for a one day trip or even for a week-end – if you wish to –. Its a briliant idea while conect sailing on a very pleasant wind, graphical sights on area , swimming on cristal sea, a palette off all colour of blue: baby blue, azure, blue-green, to navy blue and blue-black.If you wish to lern some knote or about the sail the captain happyly to show you. It is very easy to learn the first steps and its very excitement and jouful experience. If you they also provide lifejacket for every age as their linances and law demande.
  • Go Fishing!
    They are many ways and techniques to fish and the hole area have plendy of fresh fishes but you must have with you the right man to drive you to the
    right point and waters and show you the proper technique cause every sea has her own secret. A good idea is to combine the fishing in a sailing boat since many boats provide the right equipment and the captens know extremely well the area the waters, the fish path.
  • Scuba diving
    Have some lessons or classes and explore the beautiful colorful rich see-bed. Divers with big experience you can teach you step by step all that you need to dive. One of the greater Diving center is on Neos Marmaras and the beatch of Porto- Carras resort.
  • Surfing and Kite Surfing.
    In many villages you can find water-sport center and rent a surf or a kite surfing to have joyful time.
  • Sea Kayak.
    many water-centers rent one or two seat Kayak to have a stroll in the see-side.
  • Bowling .
    in the Space Bowling Centre in Kalithea, Kassandra you can have fun with your frends or your family.
  • Golf.
    In Sithonias Porto-Carras -Neos Marmaras area-resort you can find a very well organize playing field to practice, to become a member of a team and take part to a match.
    In the area of Kassandra in the Hanioti village you find ‘’Fun n’ Golf’’ center, to have some fun.
    Some other villages have smaller mini golf places to have some carefree time.
  • Road Train Neos Marmaras.
    A small fany way specially for childrens, tennagers, familys and why not for adults who want to become children again. The usaly route pass through the Neos Marmaras village, claim up to Porto-Carras hills and return.
  • Horseriding.
    In Kassandra and Nea Fokea area is the ‘’ Cavalo riding resort’’ with horses and ponnies and an nice area for riding. In Sithonia and Sarti areas village you can find a Horse Land witch the owner show you the paths. In Sithonias N.Marmaras and Porto- Carras resort also you can find Horse Riding Club.
  • Rent a Bike.
    In Sithonia, Sarti village you find the company “Mindloop” to rent a bike and the owners help you with paths and routes that area has to explor.
    In third leg and at the Ierissos village the Bike company “Carduus Bike” helps you to find the secret colorful scenery that area has.
  • Jeep Safari 4X4
    If you want something more wild as experience a 4×4 Safari Jeep it gives you the change to find yourself inside the hills ,the rich forest or to a full sandy beaches.In the Kassandra’s hills, in Sithonia’s Dragoudeli mountain or to forest area of North Halkidiki.
  • Go Cart.
    Crazy fun time for every ages.You can find Card sirquite at many villages specially in Kassandra and in Neos Marmaras Sithonia.
  • Hot air Ballons at Nea Moudania.
    Looking Halkidiki from the sky, a different intake images by the company “Olympic Hot Air’’.
  • Paragliding, Sea Parachute.
    Extrime sports, adrenalin by the compny “ Skeye” in Kassandras leg Pefkohori, Glarokavos beach.

Relaxin Time in Halkidiki.

  • Charter A Sailing Yacht!
    For one day tripe or for week-end and more -if you desire- charter A yacht to leave a very real dream. Far away for the crowds you can take pleasure of all the distant coast wich no car is able to come, beaches with gold sand, turqouase and cobalt blue waters, you also have the chance to visit some of the small of the uninhabited island and swimm to green-blue waters,make some sailing, enjoy the swimming- there is a lader to help you to down to the sea, of course you can jump from stern-side of the boat, and lie down to the bow for the perfect suntan or sitting on the cock-pit enjoy your coffee or a glass of wine!All the boats have all the facilities as hot water shower-to the lader side- a ur staff or to rest yourself or your childrens. Also offers coffee, tea and bottle of water. Of course they have lifejacket for all ages:for babies and childrens ,teenagers and adults as the law and their license demand. For one day trip you can make a stop for a fresh fish tavern whereas if you hire a sailing boat for a week-end or more you must have your food and drings supplies. All the sailing boats have a very well organize kitchen with oven to cook.

  • Spa – Thermal -Massage.
    In the Kassandra’s village Agia Paraskevi and her sea-side “Loutra” there is natural thermal hot springs waters, the Spa also has large infinity pool with amazing view specially in the sunset.
    All the Five star Resort and Hotels provide these luxurious facilities.

  • Shopping time.
    In all villages you can find small shops with classy things: clothes, sandals, hand-made jewels,you also can find creation from famous Greek designer as Ioanna Kourbelas dresses, or Madame Shou Shou clothes, Katherina Ioannidis Jewelrys or Babylonia Silver colections. You also find clothes for international firms.
    Luxury boutique shops you can find correspondingly on luxury Five star Resorts and Hotels.At the main road out from Nea Moudania you can find “
    Enigma Mall’’ or you can visit “ The Mediteranian Cosmos Mall’’ in the main road Thessaloníki’s – Halkidiki’s or “ Hondos Center Mall- Appolonia Politeia” to the main road Thessaloniki’s – Macedonia Airport ( SKG)

Food and wine products tasting.

Halkidiki as the hole area of Thessaloníki are very famous for the great quality of food, wine, sweets .We recommended you some of the places that makes the different as they offers excellent products with valye for money:

Halkidiki main land:

  • Gerovasileiou land for wine testing and buy. You can find a rich collection of wines as red, rose, white, olders and new, from oak barrel or from other techniques.
  • Polygyros town: “ Marigoula” a gourme restaurant with many Greek awards



  • “Fortuna” an all day bar with with a vew from the top of a smal hill beautiful atmosphere and very good music.
  • “Sousourada” Medideranian and Greek foods proper also for the vegeterians.Remego” Fish tavern and ‘’ouzeri’’ with meze plates.


  • ‘’Briki” All day kithcen bar.
  • “ Kouzina at Spitaki” Greek and fish taverna.


  • “ Trizoni’’ Meet and fish restaurant.

Loutra- Agia Paraskevi:

  • ‘’Villa Stasa” Meat and fresh fish taverna up to the rocks with view to the sea.


  • In the main road near to Ormilia are you meet Sonia open shop with her farming vegetables and olives.


  • village in the main road you can find products from the Tasoulas Kalogirou farming such as oil,olives. Misses Tasoula prepare also her own hand-made soaps!


  • Its a stop to must make it for “Ravani”, “ Orange sweet pie” and hand-made ice- sweet at Tasos pastryshop.

Neos Matmaras:

  • Taverna “ Ta Kymata’’
    side by the sea, ofers for three generations the top of the top quality for realy fresh fishes, an extra fine quality for every plate that they cook.
  • Eladia” is not a simple coffee shop whereas offer a delicious breakfast with fresh preperation of all. Also you can have a brance time or at evening time some sweet that the owners prepare. For the night they offer many kinds of they wine collection compane them with delicious plates.

Third Leg: Ouranoupoli :

  • “ Pyrgos” an all time restaurant from the morning with breakfast, lunch-time and night testyful plates.

Halkidiki Ancient Sites, a walk to Halkidiki’s history.

  • Petralona cave, Petralona 1 skull: Petralona cave is located in the main lald of Halkidiki after 1k/m from the Petralona village.Petralona cave contact : tel+ 30 23730 73365, the visiting hours is : for spring- summer-time ( April 01- October 31) : 09.00a.m- 20.00p.m Monday – Sunday, while winter time (November 01- March 31):09.00p.m- 15.00p.m Tuesday-Sunday ( close at Mondays ).The Ticket prices are : whole ticket: 8€, half ticket: 4€ but for Greek and Europian citizens the entrance is free, for young pupils down to 18, showing the identity card and the Greeks and Europian univerity students showing student identification.The cave discovered at 1959 but open to the public at 1979 it has many traces of very ancient men end their habitances.its one of the very old ancient settlement of Europe geographical area with παλαιοντολογικά και παλαιοανθρωπολογικά findings and results. All those the are many controversys about the Ptralona 1 skull while some archaeologist place the skull at 700.000 years old whereas other at 400.00 to 300.000 years before.They also disagree and debunked with archaeologistic points and evidences if the Petralona 1 skull is near to Homo neandertalensis man or more to Homo Erectus or to Europian Homo Heidelbergenis.

  • Kalithea: temple of Ammon Zeuse

  • Nea Fokea : Tower

  • Toroni : castlestundent

  • Olynthos : ancient city of Olynthos

An notable pre-historian settlement, which buid 2.400 years ago, as ancient Olynthos was the capital city- state of the Bottiaians from 7th century a city- state very rich.It destruction by Persian in 478 B.C and then passed into the Chalkideans .From 432 B.C managed to become the center town of 32 alliences smallers cities, playing a very ipmortan-while leading-role in the political life.Phillip B’ -The Great Alexander’s Father – occupated and destroy the city at 348 B.C.

Thre is small exhibition center on excavation works but the most important findingw are the great drainage , the sewage disposal ,the hole claenliness systems with the baths and tubs , the well preserve mosaic floor very well restored and the model of paraller streets and squares. As for the name of the city, comes according to the mythological data mentions, that from the prince Olynthos ,his father was the King of Thrace his name was Strimonas. Olynthos died on this land while hander a lion and his brother Vraggas buid the settlement to honnor him.

Be careful! Because the place is up to a hill have with you : a lot of water, sunglasses, self-tan , hats. The area is hot , some times very hot, has bright and in the Augast strong sun , and heat !

Contact:+30 2310 285163, +30 23710 22060, + 30 23730 91000.

Ticket price:Hall ticket 4€, half 2€.

Days and Hours : Tuesday to Sunday from 09.00a.m – 14.30 p.m.

Free entrance at the first Sunday in the month.

Close in all Orthodox ceremonies such as: Monday on Holly Spirit Celebration( Monday June 28,2018) and Holly Mother Mary’s Κοίμηση (Wednesday August 15, 2018)