Halkidiki Scuba diving

Halkidiki Scuba SSI diving diamont resort at Porto Carras, Sithonia, Halkidiki, Central Macedonia, Greece
Poseidon diving Academy

Greek seas are well known for the amazing underwater world – crystal blue water, beautiful wall dives all dressed with corals of different colors, caves, great reefs and wreck dives, all kinds of Mediterranean coastal fish. Halkidiki Scuba!

Poseidon Diving Academy is situated in the exclusive Porto Carras Grand Resort in Sithonia, Halkidiki, only 105km from Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki. Poseidon Diving Academy started as a PADI Dive Center in 2004 and in the early 2008 joined Scuba School International (SSI), one of the pioneers of professional scuba training.

We are fully committed to share our passion about scuba diving with you! We will make sure to guide you safely and at your pace through the underwater world. If you are a certified diver you can join us for a Fun Dive at some of the most beautiful dive walls which feel like you are lead part in “Pirates of the Caribbean” or enjoy the busy marine life at the coral reefs near Kelifos Island. If you, however, have never experienced the feeling of being under water you are more than welcome to join us for a Discover Scuba Diving experience which will give you not only a great time during your holiday, but very likely an addiction for life. Most importantly, we value continuing education so we offer high quality SSI diving courses – starting from your first steps in the Open Water to any of the diving Specialties which can build up your skills – including night & limited visibility diving, deep diving, buoyancy, photography, rescue, search and recovery and many more – there is something of interest for everyone.

Training is conducted by our professional and well trained instructors who will make sure you are looked after and you have all information and support you need for a great experience. We like answering questions and helping divers learn and develop their knowledge and skills, so if you are curious and inquisitive about the underwater world Poseidon Diving Academy is your place.

Poseidon Diving Academy Halkidiki Scuba is located within meters of the beach

and the dive center is in a perfect place of tree shades, sun spots and provides a feeling of freedom and escape from the busy world outside. The dive shop provides a stimulating learning environment with digital education opportunities, videos and discussions and of course the responsible and friendly support of our instructors.  Internationally acclaimed brands such as MARES, POSEIDON, TIGULLIO and BAUERprovide our clients with top quality equipment. In addition, we are proud to be member of Divers Alert Network (DAN) International, the biggest insurance foundation in the diving world.

Join us in a journey of a lifetime, meet new great friends, have fun and enjoy exploring places other people can envy you about – we, at Poseidon Diving Academy, are looking forward to meeting you!