Where is Chalkidiki in Greece? and information about it

Where is Chalkidiki in Greece?

Halkidiki (Chalkidiki, Χαλκιδική in Greek), also know as Chalcidice, is In the northern part of Greece, very near to the city of Thessaloníki and the Macedonia airport (SKG ). Halkidiki is the most beautiful and popular destination for vacation and holidays, actually is the favor place for the citizens of Thessaloníki and the hole north area of Greece. It’s a peninsula with three smaller different and unique peninsulas witch is know as the three legs of


The first leg at the west is Kassandra – the ancient town named Pallini or the other name of her was Flegra ,– has triagle shape and her south cape is Kanistro (ancien name Kanastraio). The other cape is Posidi village is on the top of the hill while the other inside villages and coast is on Toronaios Gulf with 45 Km length of coast and shores.

The out-side of Kassandra is in Thermaikos Gulf with 28 Km see-side shores and many small settlements whereas the south side consist the coast of North Aigean with 33 Km see-side villages to explore them. The Potidea canal ( a land full of History from ancient to Roman,Hellenistic and Byzantine times) seperate Kassandra of the body of Chalkidiki. From Potideas side you meet the villages such as: Nea Fokea, Afutos-Athitos, Kallithea, Kriopigi, Polixrono, Chanioti, Pefkochori and Paliouri.

On the other side you meet Kasandrino inside the hills, Kalladra, Fourka, Possidi, Nea Skioni and Agia Paraskevi up to the hill with her sea-side Loutra with thermal natural spa and very famous because of the quality of waters.

The Kassandra is cosmic, with high society and famous personas of the Greek T.v, crowdy and with amazing night life,also has popular touristic big fives stars resorts with many facilities, activities and ideas for having amazing time during your holidays. You can find to charter a sailing boats to spend wonderful time combine sailing, divine in turquoise water in hidden shores or if you love the speed and the higher level of luxury you can charter a motor yacht!In both sides of Kassandra you can see many villages near to the see-side or up to the hills .In the many villages the variety of the accommodations are plendy from the cosy small sic hotels, boutique hotels, apartment like small home or simple rooms to let. You find many organized beaches long or sorter, good hide or famous. The new road make the journey easily specially for some more setlltements between of them is Siviry very famous village because of the summer-time festival with dance, theatre and musical performances.

The second peninsula-leg is in the midle is Sithonia- her name comes from the Sithonas, the son of the ancient god of the sea Posidonas, her cape is Kartalia or Drepano, the ancient Defris or Ampailos a name connected with fruit of grapes and the wines which was also and still is afamous product of the area. From the ancient time still exist the village of ancient Olynthos with the ancient settlement of the city as the first sample of town street planning. The New Olynthos keep the honour to the tradition while expant and organazed her rimotomy from up to the hills till to see-side.The other small village with ancient descent is Toroni with her castle and still we found houses equipment as part of loom,cook pots. Porto Koufo a hiden ancient port that Thoukididis write at “Historika’’ describe as the one of the bigger port.From the Byzantine time is still exist a small church of 16 century in the village of uper part of Nikiti.

Sithonia hill is Itamos and the mountain is Dragoudeli, with many paths for walks and an amazing sights to both part of Sithonias gulf, to Toroneos– the sea between Sithonia and Kassandra and the other the view to the Sagitikos gulf today with the name Gulf of Saint-Athos.

Sithonia have the bigger part of woods area,more flowery, with the pine tree or olive tree to offer they shadows in the sand!Of course you will find very organized five stars famous resorts less from first leg but you can find VIP Villas to lease with private pool,jakuzi and many others facilities. Others options while looking to stay on many villages in west or east part of Sithonia are also many boutique hotels, apartments with full accommodations ,small family hotels offering hand made breakfast and not only the famous Greek pie and many other goods.

Scenically villages some near to the see-side, other up to the hills with spectacular view and some other inside the woods!Hidden settlements close to sand and outdoor the waves, azure water sea and small coast, sea-sand cave,famous coastlines and very well organized beatch-bars, camping with many facilities and activities or more for family’s and calm.

The villages from east-side are: Psakoudia, Ormilia into the hill with tradition architectural styles and Kalives the sea side of the village, Gerakiniki, Metamorphosis and Nikiti, Neos Marmaras – villages full of olives and pines– Toroni and Porto-Koufo while the villages from the east-side are: Pyrgadikia, Ormos Panagias, Vourvourou, Sarti, Sikia.In all area you can find many smaller settlements and amazing see-sides with blue and turquoise waters with gold sand.

In the sea of the Toroneos Gulf,there are small green island which deserve a visit for the amazing selection of sea waters and the rich of the seabed (depth) specially if you love to have a dive with mask and flipper. The most important thing is that you find yourself far away for the crowd .Of course the only way to have such an experience is to charter a sailing yacht ,a sailing boat !In the both sides-east and west of Sithonia peninsula you can find sailing yacht and boats as the village of Neos Marmaras or Ormos Panagias.

The third leg has the name : Mount -Athos, Holly -Athos, Saint-Athos. Its very famous all over the world as pilgrimage land and constitute different area with special rules and laws. A very close monastic Christian Orthodox community of the East Orthodox Church who follow the old orthodox diary with many Monasteries and ”Skites” and many Shrines . Entrance and staying is allowed only to men after a special permission ( something like ”visa”, ”diamonitirion” is the Greek word ). This tradition mirroring and depict the other name of the Mount -Athos which is ” The Garden of The Holly Marry,mother of Jesus Christ”.

Womens, families, groups, friends has the possibility to see part of the very ancient ( first Christian years) from Byzantine times Monasteries from the coast quite for far ….miles away from the coast and the boats which make this trip have a special license. You can find them from the small port of Ouranoupolis a see-side village and parts for swimming sandfull or more wide with rocks.

The other part of the third peninsula is not so touristic but full of surprise : small villages, near the sea-side, houses with gardens and vegetables or villages between inside the small woods area with houses build by rocks in the tradition forms, small rivers that even the summer-time the water is rather cold, small fisherman places with small tavern up to the sand. In the area you also find one five star hotel very classy and elegant and many other options to stay such as rooms and flats.

The mountain area of Halkidiki included an excursion to Polygiros , is the capital town of Halkidiki,a beautiful city in central Macedonia Greece, a hour distance from Thessaloníki and from SKG Thessaloníki’s airport.

The town is buld on an amphitheatre shape on the South West side of the mountain Holomontas -the route 16 of Greek national road, Thessaloníki to Arnea area-.The location is South-East of Thessaloníki,North-East of Nea Moudania,North-West of Sithonia and South-West of Arnaia.

Polygiros is a very well organize town inside the Holomontas wood surrounded from other smaller or biger wich they all keept the traditional architectural elements and style,things that make very beautiful and not so touristic. Olynthos and her ancient part is a village between Sithonia and Polygiros area. Smaller villages insite the Holomontas mountain are Taxiarchis and Vrastama.

Both of theses villages are gardian of tradition while keep all the special celebrations witch following its seasons and conected with sowing, crop, the sping, the summer harvest, also the August Holy Fest for Saint-Mary(Jesus Mothers),of course and the all other Orthodox big fest as Easter time,Christmas Eve ,and specially tradition custom and ceremonies at Carnival fest.

All the houses hold the traditional way of build this specific elements of mountainious architectural that Halkidiki has, with gardens flowers plants and vegetables.

The road cross inside the Holomontas mountain with full of old and big trees, the rich and some part very rarely floras and plants,while you meet some part were protected by special natural programs from Aristotelio University of Thessaloníki because of the uniquely that hole environment has.

The food is simple delicious ,the taverns some small some bigger but all with tasteful foods, specially for the people who love the meat and hunde,r the area offering big selection of recipes and ways of meat cooked.

If your base is on Polygiros you may organize an excursion to Sithonias villages which its very easy since the distances is very close,go downhill from Polygiros while taking the North-West direction in 15 minutes you meet Kalives,in 20 minute to Gerakini, while in 35 minute you already arrive in Neos Marmaras, having the oportunity for a day at the sea by charter a sailing yacht.

Another interesting and notable trip is the route which include Polygyros, Arnea, Varvara with waterfalls and Olympiada.

Arnea, one mountainous small town amphiteatrical builded at 600 m. at the North foothills of Holomontas, with full of green landscape with rich forest, plenty current cold and clean waters,with all the house keeping the traditional stone builded architectural style,rocky alleys, public square with many years old trees, picturesque Greek old cafe ,small taverns offering very good qualities and delicious food.

Leaving behind us Arnea ,in the main road to Olympiada you find the sign for Varvara village we highly recommended to visit it not only because the scenery, even the road is rather difficult cross a forest full of itamos trees,beech tree,wild hazelnut,chestnut trees, thyme, wild oregons and Saint- Johns plant. The road change to dirth-road and after some meters you see the parking area for the two Waterfalls 15 m.high a nice stop for pick-nick and relaxing time.

Last destination for your exploration is Olympiada-the name comes from the Great Alexander’s mother- a small town is famous for the very delicious of the local mussels. Near to Olympiada’s area you can visit the archaiological place of ancient StagiraAristotelis birth place-near to the new village of Stagira. In Stagira Aristotelis teach Great Alexander on his childhood before return with his teacher and great philosopher to Vergina palace to start in a paraller program and his military education.