All the tourist information for visiting Halkidiki you will ever need

Emergency telephones just in cese you need any:

Taxi services telephones:

  • Polygyros +30 23710 22460.
  • Moudania + 30 23730 21371.
  • Kassandria- Kassandras peninsula,+30 23740 22295.
  • Neos Marmaras-Sithonias peninsula, +30 23750 71500.
  • Agios Nicolaos- Sithonia, +30 23750 31324.
  • Sykia-Sithonia,+30 69420 17183 and + 30 6947 897777.
  • Arnea village – at the north mountain Halkidiki’s area- +3023720 22212.
  • Megali Panagia -Mount Athos peninsula- +30 23720 31111.

Public Bus Station ( KTEL )

  • Thessaloníkis central station for all villages to Halkidiki : tel + 30 2310 316555, 316565, 316575 or visit theire web site:
  • Polygiros Bus Station:tel + 30 23710 22309.
  • Nea Moudania Bus Station tel+ 30 23730 21228.
  • Kassandra Bus Station tel + 30 23740 23714.
  • Kallithea Bus Station tel + 30 23740 23714.
  • Nea Kallikratia tel+ 30 23990 21048.

Travelers health – Hospital and Health centers.

As Greece is member state of E.U the Europian Health card -EHIC- is accetable which covers you for most medical care in public and privet hospital. For country as Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Iceland the Health policy is the same as for E.U countries. In Thessaloníki you can find many privet clinics. Halkidiki has a big public and very well organise general hospital located in the Halkidiki’s capital town in Polygyros, tel: +30 23710 201001, web-site :

Your also find other Health centers for first aid on villages sutch as:

Nea kallikratia, tel+30 23990 22245, web-site:

Nea Moudania,tel+30 23733 50000, web-site:

Kassandra,tel+30 23743 50000, web-site:

Agios Nikolaos,Sithonia, tel+30 23753 50000, web-site:

Paleochori,Polygyros, tel+ 30 23723 50000, web-site:

Mount Athos,Karyes, tel+ 3023770 23217.

Region Tourist Offices and Associations in Halkidiki:

  • Region of central Macedonia-Region unity of Halkidiki.
    Tel: +30 23713 51240, web-site:, E-mail:

  • Municipality of Polygyros, tel + 30 23713 50701, web-site: www.polygyros .gr.

  • Municipality of Nea Propontida -Nea Moudania, tel + 3023733 50200, web-site: E-mail: info@visitnea-

  • Municipality of Kassandra, tel+ 30 23740 23364, web-site:

  • Municipality of Sithonia,tel+30 23753 50100, web-site:

Halkidiki Hotel Association:

Tel + 30 2310 424020, +30 2310 424022, web-site:,
E-mail : info@

Federation of Holidays Rooms and Apartment in Halkidiki:

Tel+30 23710 24492,web-site:

Camping Association of Halkidiki:

Tel+30 23750 22042,web-site :,

Banks, ATM’S, Credit cards:

Where ever is yours vacation village you will easy find a Greek bank branch, also easyly is to find an Atm’s in all of the three Halkidiki’s Legs. Credit card s are accepted in all resorts, hotels, rooms, apartments, villas, campings, restaurants, shops. A good advice is to avoid to use it at the beach bars -not that beach-bar which is owned by Resort or five star hotels-.You also can use it while have a VIP taxi, some of the simple taxis use to accept payment with credit card as the have POS machine so if you want to be sure ask the driver before you get in. If you want to use the buses or the boat-taxis you have to pay with cash. If you want to charter a Yacht they are many options for payment, of course you can use your credit card as you can use the pay pall system or some other internet systems.

Useful daily information small but important

  • Water: It’s safe to drink tap water specially in the Sithonias villages or in the area of Polygiros and the villages inside the hills or mountains. The bottled water is recommended on more crouded villages as Kassandra’s area.

  • Electricity supply: 220 V- 50 Hz

  • Tipping: Ιts always depending on the amount of the bill,the restaurant, the cafe or bar style and services,usally 5% to 10% is the mormal amount for tips.

  • Pets: There are some small hotels, rooms to let, studios, apartments that they are dog’s frendly, ferther more they are some sailing boats for charter that they happily accommodate pets even that they are really big or heavy. Generaly dogs are allowed on the organise beach-bars but they are not allowed to swim. If you want your dog with you on the beach you mast have with you the health certification, your dog must wear his collar with an identification with his/ her name, your phone your second mane and your address and yours country initially, also his-her leash as he/her must being tie near to your chair or to yours beach chair, you must have also with you το φυμωτρό του but with out to wear it.

On some luxury Resort even they accept the dogs for staying at they bangalows or apartment or villas they are not allowed them on the beach or beach-bar or pool bars,so be careful !

There are some free beaches – not organized – that the dogs are free to swim but the experience to have a hole day trip chartering a pet friendly yacht, shearing time while enjoy swimming into the azure sea with your lovely dog, explor hiden cave, smalls peninsulas that only with by boat can visit, visiting untouched tiny island its an amazing and realy unforgetable and unique!